Awesome by Fledboar on Wednesday, December 19 2012

Get it while you can for free it's awesome

Love it!! by Vargus45 on Tuesday, December 18 2012

I love this game so far, the additions made to this compared to the original are awesome!

Solid nerd-beating action by Jeffrey Haenftling on Tuesday, December 18 2012 version 1.0

A definite step up from Homerun in Berzerk Land. The text looks a little smooshed on my 3GS but the game plays all right. I prefer the Flash version but this is rad to have on the go!

Yayyyy by Kamo4566347 on Tuesday, December 18 2012 version 1.0

I've always loved this game now it's better if that's possible

Great game by Nicholas Han on Monday, December 17 2012 version 1.0

Really well made game better than the first one

Very fun and addicting by Jo_Slim on Saturday, December 15 2012 version 1.0

Took me a few seconds to get into but once you start you'll be hooked. This game is sooo fun. It's like angry birds except even cooler. The challenges are pretty fun too. They keep you on your toes and they're really unique.

A must get game!

Follower of Berzerk Overlords by Da chocotaco on Wednesday, December 12 2012 version 1.0

Really great game. It's simple to play, and easy to collect cash or new upgrades.

Awesome by Load1ngError on Thursday, December 13 2012 version 1.0

This is awesome! Tell this to everybody!